Basic questions that pop up when planning to go solar

Basic questions that pop up when planning to go solar

Every second, our sun produces enough energy to sustain earth’s needs for 500,000 years. The sunshine hitting Texas alone in one month contains more energy than all the gas and oil pumped out of the state. Now that is a lot of energy we are talking about! The means to harness it was invented way back in 1883 when Charles Fritts invented the first solar cell. Solarising this energy has come a long way since then and still has a lot more distance left to cover. All it takes is one step and now that you have planned to take one, here are a few questions that will guide you:


1. How much money will it save?

A. Going solar will save you from the continuous increase in electricity rates. The 30% federal Investment tax credit allows you to deduct 30% of the cost of your solar energy system from your taxes. Additional tax credits and rebates are offered to you depending on your area.


2. How will it impact my property value?

A. Houses with solar panel system sell for a higher value than those without one. In many areas, if you compare the value of a house with a renovated kitchen and one with a solar panel system, the later has more value.


3. Will the system produce electricity on a cloudy day?

A.  Yes, the solar system will produce electricity even on a cloudy day, it will just be a little less than what it produces on a sunny day. As production is not depend on sun light only, its depend on Radiation of sun also.


4. Will I go off grid with a solar panel?

A. No, you are still connected to the grid, this way you can draw from grid whenever the system is unable to produce enough electricity and you can even give back to the grid when it produces more of it. That’s why this system is called Grid tied system.


5. Will I still receive electricity bill?

A. Unless you have a battery storage in your system and you go off-grid, you will receive the bill but the amount will be dramatically reduced to sometimes even $0.

It’s usually depends upon how big your system is and how much your KWH usage in year. We design system accordingly, which can bring you bill $0 or in minus electric bill also.


6. How long will the system last and what is the Maintenance cost?

A. the system has 0 maintenance cost and solar panel has 25 year guaranty from most of the company, but it usually last longer. Just over the period little efficiency can drop.

The solar system is very durable and will provide you with electricity for 25 to 30 years.

 These are some of the very few questions that are very basic and pop up first in your mind when you think of going solar. Please feel free to contact us at 1(866)ENSUPRA to know more about solar panel installation.

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